Project Management plays a key role for the future success of a project. Due to good project management, it is possible to select the best members for the project team and supervision. At the same time, it also guarantees completion of the project on time, within the agreed budget and simultaneously provide the investor – during every phase of realization – with complete and current compilation of information regarding the project.

APP-Projekt offers the following main categories of services regarding project management:
  • Complete project management along with performance of services in the scope required by the Polish Construction Law;
  • Project management;
  • Opinion of the preparation and realization of the Project (ie. project monitoring address both to institutions financing the project, as well as to the investors);
  • Investment supervision;
  • Controlling and monitoring costs;
  • Technical and project-related consulting in regards to the investments (in regards to procedures and issued approvals and permits, organizing tenders for selecting the contractor, etc.);
  • Technical and formal analysis of projects (ie. due diligence);
  • Opinion of contacts made between the project team and the contractor;
  • Preparation of cost evaluation and any cost assessments regarding the building industry.
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