As the General Contractor, with the help of subcontractors cooperating with us, we undertake to provide the realization of all building works necessary for the implementation of investment, ensuring professional and effective conducting the construction process in addition.
Our responsibilities in this field include:

  • protocol handover of the construction site,
  • performance of the subject matter of contract in accordance with the provisions of the Contract, Technical Specification, design documentation, material and financial schedule, good building practice, technical knowledge, construction law, Polish standards, and other applicable regulations for the execution of works,
  • keeping a site book,
  • obtaining required permits on our own related to executed works,
  • coordination of the works of the General Contractor with other contractors,
  • conducting of works in accordance with safe and healthy and fire regulations,
  • representing the Investor before administrative bodies and other bodies or entities and participating in contacts with representatives of the government and local authorities in obtaining permits, decisions and making arrangements, approvals, the opinions and inspections,
  • notification of completion of works by making the appropriate entries in the log building, notifying the County Inspector of Building Control.
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