24.11.2016 | Diehl Namysłów – news from the site


Stage A

Construction works: hall sandwich panels  lining of the hall is terminated. Lean concrete was poured under the flor all over A Stage. Casting of floor in main hall is ongoing. Roof is already covered with metal sheets. Rockwool and membrane are being placed. Windows and indoor stairs assembly works are under development, smoke dampers and skylights are on their places.
Plumbing and sanitary works: household use water networks are carried out on the green area in front of the facility, installation of central heating, plumbing systems and pipelines in social part are on.  
Electric works: relocation of existing power supply , laying of concealed installations in social part,  wiring ducts assembly.
Road works: laying  curbs and ankles on the permanent use road (80% done).

Stage B

Construction works:  lean concrete was poured in the main hall, assembly works on the roof (membrane, Rockwool and metal sheets) are ongoing. Internal walls masonry works on level 1 are under development. Assembly of windows sub-constructions and sandwich panels are underway.  Staircases works status: masonry, stairs reinforcement of stairs concerting in progress, replacement of fire insulated wall panels – almost done (approx. 90% of works completed).   Plastering works in plantrooms in progress.
Plumbing and sanitary works: assembly of hydrant system pipes on upper storey, compressed air and sprinkler systems, nitrogen plants and vacuum installations on  the ground floor are ongoing.
Smoke removal system with smoke dampers – work in progress.
Mezzanine: drainage step-in, storm water system, roof piping works are being finished
Electric works: cable trays assembly on upper floor is  ongoing installation of an in-wall system has been initiated.

09.09.2016 | Dąbrowskiego 40 – Progress of Works

dabrowskiego 09 2016

Contractor communicated competition of road and technical infrastructure.Condition surveys confirming reaching builders finish stage.If schedule of the works will be  respected,  finishing work in staircases B and C will be completed by the end of this year and in the stair case A – in the first quarter of 2017.

09.09.2016 | West Link – project detail    


Development of guide walls begun.Completion of excavation for walls and with capping beams is planned in one month time.According to schedule, ground works would start on October and shell works – on November.

02.09.2016 | Diehl – Namysłów work report

Diehl – Namysłów

Foundation piles with caps were implemented for both halls in A and B stages.Assembly works of steel structures in warehouse hall on stage A were initiated.Assembly works of prefabricated station in hall are on stage B.Installation works in main water infrastructures, such as rainwater drainage and hydrant systems  are completed.Pavement works  were initiated.Concrete block assembly works in the area of pallet shelter no 11 are ongoing.Continuous footings  of the transformer station  were constructed and  masonry works have begun.

22.07.2016 | Zajezdnia - work report [Poznan]

poznan zajezdnia 072016
Reinforced concrete construction works stage: 60%Brickworks stage: 40%The fourth floor construction begins.Rebuilding of the traffic system  in area of Kraszewskiego. Gajowa and Zwierzyniecka Streets was started and demolition of trams tracks and railways is underway.

15.07.2016 | VENDO PARK - work progress [Minsk Mazowiecki]

Building’s construction is ready.
Underfloor slab and alt underground installations are laid.
Road works – access roads, parking slots are on.
Assembly of composite panels internal walls is ongoing, masonry walls are finished.
Tenants works will begin in middle August.
According to schedule, investment should be ready by the end of September.

05.07.2016 | Polpain Putka - Progress report

Positive opinion from sanitation department and Fire Department were obtained.Occupancy permit request has been put forward in District Construction Supervision Inspector.Final Inspection are on.

01.07.2016 | CAT - CONSTRUCTION SITE REPORT – investment details

cat 062016
On 1st of June construction site was delegated to General Contractor
On June General Contractor focused on carting personnel facilities containers to the construction site.
Construction site was internally  fenced with additional steel mesh fence.
Fertile soil layer was removed and placed at the back part of the lot.
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